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Archive for April 2015

Unbalanced Bite

Worn Teeth From Grinding
Teeth Restored With Composite Resin


One of the most common signs that there is a problem with one’s bite is worn teeth.
Teeth that fit in harmony with the temporomandibular joints and the chewing muscles do
not wear down with normal function.  When there is a disharmony within this system, we
notice that the teeth have a tendency to wear very quickly. The first picture shows worn
teeth due to grinding.  The grinding often is triggered by a disharmony between the
healthy position of the jaw joints within their sockets and the way the teeth fit together.

The second picture shows the teeth restored very simply with composite resin.  For this
treatment to have a lasting result, the patient is obliged to wear a nightguard to protect the
teeth from grinding forces. The nightguard is fabricated not just to protect the teeth but
also to support the jaw joint and to allow the muscles to relax. A long term solution for
this patient would also include balancing the bite so that there is no disharmony between
the position of the jaw joints and the way the teeth fit together. This would offer a long
term solution which would protect the teeth from further wear.

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