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Archive for June 2015

Worn Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are metal fillings and they are very strong.  Despite being a very strong material, the forces in the mouth can be enough to break these fillings especially if one is grinding or clenching their teeth. All fillings have lifespan and eventually do require replacement.  The picture above shows a broken amalgam restoration.  The patient has no pain or sensitivity despite the fact the filling is broken, there is decay under the filling and there is a gap between the filling and the tooth beside it causing food to get caught in between the teeth.

A new composite resin restoration brings the tooth back to proper form and function.

Notice there is no longer gap between the filling and the adjacent tooth.  The contour of the filling against the neighbouring tooth is at it should be.  The proper anatomy of the tooth is restored so that it can function with the opposing tooth in harmony when the patient chews.  This new restoration should serve the patient well for many years to come.

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Worn Fillings or Restorations

All fillings will eventually show signs of wear. Whatever the material that we use to restore teeth, it is subject to chewing forces which are significant, especially in the molar regions of the mouth. If a patient clenches and grinds, the life span of the dental restoration is compromised significantly. The forces of clenching and grinding are almost 10 times that of normal chewing forces. The first picture shows a worn composite resin restoration. A worn restoration can make the tooth sensitive to hot and cold. If it is cracked or debonded from the tooth, a cavity can form underneath. This worn restoration is easily replaced and the new restoration should serve the patient well for many years to come.

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