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Archive for September 2015

What is microleakage around a filling?

The first picture above shows microleakage around an old filling. All fillings have a lifespan after which they are no longer functional. In this example, the old filling is intact, it is not broken but there is another problem. The seal between the filling and the tooth structure is longer exists. This can be seen as the dark staining between the filling and the tooth. This means that salivary fluids and bacteria have entered the tooth and will very likely cause decay underneath the filling. If this is not repaired and the decay progresses, this can then cause sensitivity, discomfort and possibly a tooth abscess.

The second picture shows the tooth repaired with a new filling. Notice the seal between the filling and the tooth. This new restoration will function comfortably for the patient for many years to come.

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Instrument Sterilization


At Soho Dental, we take the sterilization of our surgical instruments very seriously.

The pictures above show what your instruments look like before your appointment at Soho Dental.  All our instruments are thoroughly cleaned, placed in cassettes, wrapped and then autoclaved.  The process of autoclaving sterilizes the instruments using high heat, saturated steam and pressure. Most importantly, your instruments remained sealed in the wrapping until they are ready to be used.  Just before your appointment, the packages are opened as the room is prepared for your treatment. Surgical instruments at a hospital are handled in a similar way in that they are autoclaved and wrapped. The wrapping is not removed until they are needed.

If you have any questions regarding our sterilization procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.

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