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Instrument Sterility at Soho Dental


At Soho Dental, we take the sterilization of our surgical instruments very seriously.

The pictures above show what your instruments look like before your appointment at Soho Dental.  All our instruments are thoroughly cleaned, placed in cassettes, wrapped and then autoclaved.  The process of autoclaving sterilizes the instruments using high heat, saturated steam and pressure. Most importantly, your instruments remained sealed in the wrapping until they are ready to be used.  Just before your appointment, the packages are opened as the room is prepared for your treatment.

Regular testing of the sterilizer is done to ensure instruments are in fact being sterilized and that all infectious organisms are killed. With these testing procedures we can be confident that the instruments have been completely cleaned and sterilized.

A number of items in the dental office are used on patients only once and then discarded. Disposable items include gloves, needles and syringes, protective coverings for instrument trays, and certain instruments that cannot withstand the sterilization process. Discarded needles are placed in a designated container to prevent needle-stick injuries, not in the regular waste collection. Dentists are especially concerned about needle injuries and the risk of infection they pose, so they are handled very carefully.

The area in which your treatment occurs is cleaned and disinfected after each patient, and/or disposable covers are used to protect surfaces for contamination. These covers are replaced after treating each patient.

The above highlight only a few of our infection control measures. If you have any questions regarding our sterilization procedures, please do not hesitate to ask. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions!